7 Musicians who Use Vitamin B12 Injections to Stay on Top

May 30th, 2014

justin timberlakeIf you’ve heard of vitamin B12, then you’ve probably caught yourself wondering what exactly it can do for you and if it would even benefit you at all.

For starters, the benefits of vitamin B12 are many and everyone can experience a positive result from them. The most important benefit is weight-loss, but other health benefits include an increase of energy, a reduction of stress, clear skin, and thick hair. (more…)

Bankruptcy: What We Can Learn from These Five Musicians

May 9th, 2014

bankruptcyEntertainers, especially musicians, are notorious for their party hard, feel-good reputations. This lifestyle gives way to great music, and interesting bylines.  Unfortunately, their “live in the moment” attitude carries another less appealing reputation- financial disaster.

Let’s take a look at a five musicians that serve as an example of this dichotomy- each achieving a fulfilling music career and depleted bank accounts. (more…)

3 Pop Artists Who Continue to Surprise Us

February 23rd, 2014

3661672817_6ce793fb58If you’ve made a habit of listening to the radio then you’ve probably heard whatever are the latest trends in music on a cycle throughout your day. Of course, if you’ve been listening long enough you may actually find that you can pick out artists based solely on their style, voice, or backing instrumentals. If so, then congratulations on being a long-time listener to pop music! You’ve probably found yourself on at least one occasion thinking that you’d heard all the tricks a certain artist has to offer only to be surprised by something entirely new. Here are three artists who surprised in a pleasantly big way.


Lorde Above! (3 Reasons to Watch Her Ascension on the Charts)

February 16th, 2014

10299061883_7c16420499Pop music is constantly changing. As the years go by different styles of vocals and backing musicians alternate in popularity, but one thing has been consistent. Every year there’s some young musician or band who’s appeared on the scene and sweeps award shows and radio stations alike with their fresh outlook on the pop music scene. In years past we’ve seen Lady Gaga, KT Perry, Justin Beiber, and the like rise to stardom through the channels of pop music. Who’s 2014′s artist to watch? The following are three reasons to watch Lorde in the coming months.


Pop Music Collaborations: Two Birds with One Stone

February 9th, 2014

9782180192_bcd0ab1804If you’ve listened to the radio in the last six months, you’ve probably noticed an interesting trend. It seems that although solo artists and bands are still going strong, there’s a resurgence of collaborative music happening. It’s infiltrating our radio waves as we speak, and we love it. We seemingly can’t get enough of it. It’s not a new trend, however. These sort of collaborations have been happening almost as long as music has been around; we’re just reapplying it to the modern genre.

You’re probably aware of popular musicians’ ability to perform a co-op while singing, but we’ve come a long way from 1982′s “Under Pressure,” not necessarily in terms of style but in terms of application. Chances are that in the last month or so you’ve heard Zedd: featuring Hayley Williams (of Paramour fame) play at least three times every time you drive to and from work– and with good cause. “Stay the Night” is in the top 20 of the charts right now.


Celebrity Holiday Albums You Should Know About

November 13th, 2013

3124640288_1469b99a8bWith the holidays right around the corner again, you may want to get in the mood with a little music. A great way to do this is by listening to your favorite artists sing Christmas music. While there are many artists out there with a holiday album, it is important to know which ones are good, as many out there are not.

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

This woman’s voice has always sounded like an angel with the vocal range and tone that she brings to every album. This has all the hits you would expect, including her hit, All I Want for Christmas is You, which is the only song of the last few decades to become a modern Christmas classic.


Great Hits You Never Knew Were Remakes

November 6th, 2013

There are some songs that become instant classics and will stay with society for years to come. The problem with some of these songs is that they are not actually originals, but remakes. There are a few remakes you should know about.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

This is a famous song that was made popular by the 90’s movie The Bodyguard. What many people do not know is that this was originally a song by Dolly Parton. While Dolly has a style and voice that are great, it has never been nearly as famous as Whitney Houston version. In fact, many people believe that this song is what defined Whitney Houston.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Even though Cyndi Lauper remade this song in 1983, it is still found in movies today and is one of those songs that people of all ages know. However, most people only think about Cyndi Lauper singing this song and not the original artist for this song, Robert Hazard.

Respect by Aretha Franklin

This song has taught many people to remember the spelling of the word respect and makes people want to belt out the song like the amazing Aretha. What you may not know is that this song was originally released two years before Aretha Franklin sang it by Otis Redding.  The nice thing about this song is that even the popular version was released in 1967 but is still popular today.

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

This song has been danced to and put in movies time and time again.  This song has the ability to make you feel a mixture of emotions. This song was not an original though. It was originally sung by Leonard Cohen. The thing to keep in mind about this version though is that tempo is faster on the original and it gives the song a very different feel.

There are many classics that have been made popular after being remade. This is why it is important to give songs a chance even if they do not come from the most popular artists. You never know when they will be remade by another artist and become famous.

6 Artists You Need to Know About

October 30th, 2013

6342861486_2766ce0a44If you love music, then chances are you enjoy up and coming artists. There are a few that you should know about. This can help you to be on the edge of new and emerging stars and find amazing music before it breaks into the mainstream.

Aluna George

If you want a band that can combine dubstep and pop into something that you can listen to smoothly, then this is the band to listen to. It is composed of two people, Aluna and George. While they may hail from London, they are making waves in music around the world. They only have a few tracks at the moment, but more is definitely on the horizon for this band.

Luke James

He has written many popular songs including Crawl by Chris Brown and Hit the Lights by Brittany Spears. He has even been nominated for a Grammy for his own song, I Want You.

Carly Rose Sonenclar

If you are a fan of X Factor, then this is where you have seen this talented young lady. She auditioned for the show and wowed many viewers. With the impression she made on the show, it is no doubt that the future is bright for this musical artist. 

Kacey Musgraves

This artist brings a new twist to her country music style. The interesting thing about her is that she is not afraid to use her music to talk about pressing issues in our society, such as gay rights and teen pregnancy.  Her video for the single Merry Go-Round was even nominated for breakout video of the year at the CMT Awards.

Angel Haze

This talented young artist has been compared to Azealia Banks by many. She released her own music online and that is what got her a recording deal.


The interesting thing about this band is that it is comprised of three sisters from California. Before forming this band, the sisters were in a band with their parents called Rockinhaim. They have already toured with Mumford and Sons as well as Florence and the Machine, so these girls are on their way to the top.

Top 5 Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

July 8th, 2013

celeb_babiesAs celebrity due dates draw near, enthralled fans tune begin to play the name game and wonder what their favorite celebrities will choose to call the new baby.  In many cases, fans couldn’t have possibly guessed the zany or off-beat names that celebrities have given to their children.  The following are the Top 5 craziest celebrity baby names that have made headlines and shocked throngs of fans!

Prince Michael II

What do you do when the best baby name ever is already taken by your first son, Prince Michael?  No problem for the Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson.  He just stuck “II” at the end of the name and avoided any hardship searching through the baby name books with nothing but peasant names.  Prince Michael II may not be original, from a certain perspective, but Blanket, his nickname, certainly is most unusual!

North West

As directions go, it’s got the Oregon coast, Seattle, and even Vancouver.  Northwest can be a great destination depending on where you sit on the globe.  As a given name for a newborn, it might be slightly off-track.  As fans recently may have heard reports from sites like www.DirectTVDeal.com, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have, indeed, named their recently born daughter North West.  Arguably East has a more feminine ring, but since West West would have clearly hinted at the prior Jackson redundancy, the much-followed couple have settled on North West, a truly admirable compass point.

Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee’s name for his son did spark headlines and lead many to call the name crazy.  Though it sounds like a Star Trek career, it’s simply a name the actor quite liked.  Pilot, as many a reader will remember, was the name of Mr. Rochester’s dog in Jane Eyre.  Inspektor is oddly reminiscent of the cartoon Inspector Gadget—though he used the traditional “c” spelling.  Zany and, perhaps, lamentable from a purist’s point of view, Pilot Inspektor will at least never know the pain of being the fourth Ashley in class or the third Tyler.

Buddy Bear

Chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools like quirky names as evidenced by their other children and their unusual names—Poppy Honey, Blossom Rainbow, and Daisy Boo.  Buddy Bear, in consideration of those, is really rather tame; they might have called him Bitty Bunny or Unicorn Dew.

Breeze Beretta

Levi Johnston (the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol) and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby have given a most unusual name to their baby daughter.  Italian gun manufacturers like Beretta are cool if you happen to be a gun collector, but aren’t typically associated with sweet little girls.  Breeze, of course, is not exactly run of the mill, but given her mother’s name, Sunny and Breeze will go hand in hand.

Certainly there are other wacky celebrity names out there.  Who could forget Frank Zappa’s kids, Moon Unit and Dweezil?  Some honorable mentions for this list have to go to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple and Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage Moonblood.  When it comes to naming babies, you never know what to expect from celebrities who are expecting!


Henry Malone is addicted to entertainment news. He frequently writes about some of the most exciting events in Hollywood on entertainment blogs.

Billboard Music Awards Preview

May 7th, 2013

billboardAwards season is in full swing.  For music lovers, the Billboard Music Awards is one of the highlights of the year.  It is the perfect opportunity to see all our favorite stars strut their stuff while competing for music’s top honors.

The Billboard Music Awards is scheduled for May 19th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  The live performance will air on ABC.

Before we all tune in for the drama, let’s take a look at what viewers can expect.

The Main Event

Many fans anxiously await for the biggest award – Top Artist.  This year’s competitors are no surprise.  Battling it out for Top Artist is Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Rihanna, One Direction and Justin Bieber.  Who do you think will win?  Will the English boy band bring home the honor or will one of the other music headliners win the honors?

The Money Makers

Do you remember who won the Top Billboard 200 album last year?  It was Adel’s album, “21.”  Since the album just passed the $10 million mark, it will be up for the award again this year.  Competing against Adele will be Taylor’s “Red,” and Mumford & Sons’ “Babel.”  One Direction enter the fray with two entries – “Up All Night” and “Take Me Home.”

Biggest Nominees

Every year, there are some artists who seem to dominate the show.  This year is no exception.  Check out how many nominations each of the following artists have received:

  • Maroon 5 – 11
  • Fun. – 11
  • Taylor Swift – 11
  • Rihanna – 10
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – 9
  • One Direction – 8

Do you suppose Harry is jealous?  It probably isn’t the first time he has regretted his split from the famous beauty!  Other noteworthy tidbits – Maroon 5 is still churning out the hits.  Nothing – not even decades in the industry – will slow them down.

The Stars of the Show

No music awards show is complete without entertainment.  This year’s show will be no exception.  Tune in to see Swift, Bieber, Bruno Mars, Miguel and Prince.

Don’t forget to tune in May 19th to see how the awards show pans out!

Come See Madonna’s Most Famous Costumes

April 25th, 2013

madonnaWe all know Madonna is famous for doing crazy, never-before-seen things.  Her antics never fail to raise eyebrows.  Once again, she isn’t letting us down.

The fashion industry may revolve around hot events like Paris Fashion Week.  But, leave it to Madge to create an entirely new, must-see fashion event that turns into an amazing marketing tactic.

Madonna has schedule a pop-up fashion exhibit.  For one night only – just two hours, to be specific – some of her most famous stage costumes will be on display for the public.  Famous models won’t be called upon to strut these garments down a runway.  These famous pieces don’t need a fancy presentation – they sell themselves!

The famous garments will be at a Macy’s department store in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 25th.   Considering Madonna has conquered just about every entertainment venue, why is she choosing to air her dirty laundry?

This pop-up event is being held in conjunction with the launch of her Material Girl clothing line.  The singer says, “The pop-up exhibit at Macy’s perfectly exemplifies the inspiration and spirit of the Material Girl line and will give my fans a great opportunity to see the evolution of my style over the years.”

What will fans be able to see?  Some of Madonna’s most famous stage costumes will be available to the public.  Remember the green skirt the singer donned in her “Borderline” video?  That 80’s garment will be there.  And who could forget the corsets she wore during her Blonde Ambition tour of the 90’s?!  Obviously, those are a must for the event.  One of the main highlights, though, will surely be the wedding dress Madonna wore to the MTV Video Music Awards show in 1984.  Her performance of “Like a Virgin” in that dress has been burned into the minds of many pop fans!

If you are in the area, consider checking it out.  No doubt you’ll be in the company of many other fans and you won’t have long to see the fashion statements, but it is definitely worth a shot.  This will be an experience of a lifetime!


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.com

Chrissy Amphlett Died

April 22nd, 2013

chrissyChrissy Amphlett, the lead singer of the Divinyls, passed away on Sunday, April 21.  Most famously known for their song “I Touch Myself,” the group was popular all around the world.  Music fans everywhere are morning the loss of this creative and unique woman.

At the young age of 53, Chrissy passed away in her NYC home, surrounded by friends and family.  Her husband and musician, Charley Drayton, shared the bitter news of Chrissy’s death with the masses.  Apparently, the musician finally succumbed to the two chronic illnesses that have been plaguing her for nearly a decade – multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

In his statement, husband Charley reminded us all of Chrissy’s passion and creativity.  He claimed she lived life to the fullest.  By playing to her musical strengths, Chrissy was able to pave the way for strong, sexy, outspoken women in the industry.

While us fans remember her music career the most – which spanned the years of 1982 to 1996 – it should also be noted that Chrissy lit up the stage as well.  She played Judy Garland in the original production of The Boy from Oz.  Also, she starred with Russell Crowe in 1998’s Blood Brothers.

This Australia native helped put the group Divinyls on the map.  Her contribution to the music industry will be greatly missed.  Along with her co-star Russell Crowe, people all over the world are taking to Twitter to express their grief.

Chrissy Amphlett was one of a kind; she will never be able to be replaced.  The music industry now has a huge, gaping hole.  Sexy performers like Rihanna, Brittney, Christina, and more wouldn’t be where they are today if Chrissy hadn’t boldly gone before them.


Image courtesy of Getty.

Eva Kirn – wustenkind (Behind the Scenes)

April 3rd, 2013

A behind the scenes shoot of designer & stylist Eva Kirn’s new collection.

Model – Ashley Smithline

Designer and Stylist – Eva Kirn

Photographer – Tom Barret everythingtom.com

Videographer – James Tang thejamestang.com

Music – Unda genmx.com

Special Thanks – Kathrin Kirn & Christian Forster

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II

Also available at: youtube.com/​watch?v=5Y-vMvnOecs

Perfectism.com Interviews Unda of Generation MX

April 3rd, 2013

Diane De L’ Or-paz of the fashion blog Perfectism.com took some time out of her busy schedule to interview Sean “Unda” Carter of Generation Me-X Entertainment. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

First thing’s first. Describe your music in 5 words or less.

Honesty. Unorthodox. Passion. Inspiration. Love.

When and/or how did you gain interest in music and keeps you inspired now?

Music has always been a staple in my household. One of my earliest memories is when my dad and I would sit and listen to George Clinton & The Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, & Earth Wind & Fire when I would come home from school in the 1st grade. We did our homework to classical music, and after I started playing the violin and the saxophone in middle school I started to compose my own pieces. I started writing rhymes when I was 9, and I started making beats when I turned 12.

Music is therapy to me, I’ve been doing it for so long and habitually, that it’s like breathing in a way. When I don’t make music for a couple of days, I have withdrawal symptoms.

When I say music is my life, I literally mean my day is filled with either making music, editing music, recording, etc. It really IS my life. Living, traveling, partying, reading, writing, and just talking with people keeps me inspired. I find it funny when musicians say they’re not inspired anymore. There’s inspiration everywhere, you just have to look at things differently. Go experience something you haven’t before, go outside your comfort zone.

Has growing up as a Third-Culture Kid have any effect on your growth as an artist? and if so, how?

Absolutely. Being raised around so many different cultures you get a chance to hear different types of music, musicians, genres, & sounds. You get to see how people perceive different types of music as well. It definitely gave me an open mind, and as an artist I feel that’s a valuable thing to have. I can safely say that my music doesn’t sound like anybody else’s, due to the fact that I fuse genres, ideas, & stories together from growing up in Thailand. That turns a lot of people off (major label execs especially). They tell me it’s too different and say, “You should sound more like (insert your Top 40 cookie cutter pop singer here)”. Most importantly as a TCK, I started to realize that America is not the only music market on the planet. The world

for some reason is more progressive thinking towards music than America is.

Read the compete interview by clicking HERE.

GenerationMX Entertainment

April 3rd, 2013

Unda & P Villa are Unda Tha Villa

A collab album produced & written by Unda & P Villa

Mixed by Unda of Generation Me-X Entertainment

Cover by Kenneth Collins


Generation GenMX Entertainment is sponsoring the Throw Your Deuces Up Party which goes down on March 19 @ Club Meet Up in Bangkok, Thailand. Our homegirl Dakotaa Jade put this FREE event together, which features rappers doing a show for the love of hip hop and bringing the Thai hip hop community together. Over 12 artists which be rocking the stage through out the night, and afterwards will be a jam session. A big shout out to Dakotaa Jade, the Queen of Thai hip hop, she’s doing big things! Family all day!


Unda of Generation Me-X Entertainment will be the head MC for the first, A-Town Get Down Music Festival on February 26th, @ Savannah Station. The music festival is in honor of a fellow SCAD student Alex Townsend, who passed away in a car accident last Valentines Day. The event will be featuring live bands & artists such as Word Of MouthThe MalahPeat Wolleager, and Walter Parks & Swamptronic. Come out for a great night of music!

Starts @ 7:30 PM. Buy your tickets HERE.

See y’all there, be ready to party!

Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2013

February 26th, 2013

anticipated music of 20132012 has proven to be the year of electronic influences in music. If you are not fond of such influences, you will be happy to find out that 2013 has been named by specialists the year of guitar music. Hopefully, the new trend will also be noticeable when it comes to the most anticipated pop albums of 2013.

One of those albums is said to belong to Katy Perry who will definitely try to use this new album in order to achieve the same success she enjoyed after releasing the 2010 “Teenage Dream” album. At the time, the album was bought by millions of customers and managed to produce five number ones, performance that was achieved before only by the “Bad” album of Michael Jackson. Different will be only the style of the album which the artist has described as “darker”.

Another pop album that we are all waiting for is the one that Cher has promised to release this year. The diva hasn’t contributed to her number of hits with any new album in the last 12 years but she seems more than ready to amaze with an eclectic choice of songs. It seems that helping her to get back on stage and in the spotlight are those who often write songs by the side of artists such as Pink and Lady Gaga. She will surely manage to surprise us all, but knowing Cherover decades, she will also remain true to her style and music choices so that we can once again enjoy the amazing voice she has and her songs that are form out of this world.

Also currently working on an album that will be released this year is Beyonce. The singer is expected to come up with some original songs, even more impressive than those that precede them. Helping her to exceed expectations are rumored to be well known artists like Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. So, when thinking about her future album you should think big.

I must end by mentioning the 2013 album that Lady Gaga is expected to soon release. This new album will be her third studio creation and promises to be as experimental as ever. Every single Lady Gaga has released so far has been a hit and each of them are so different, there is no doubt this album will be even greater and will offer something even for those who are not big Gaga fans.

Artists Launched By American Idol

February 19th, 2013

american idolAmerican Idol is responsible for the launch of quite a few artists. However, not every winner has contributed to the American music industry as much as expected. So, let’s see what happened with those that received America’s vote of confidence.

Let’s start with a story of success: that of Kelly Clarkson who won the competition in 2002 and is still enjoying a successful career as a well known pop star with numerous hits and awards proving her talent and her determination to express herself through music. Who can forget about hits such as “Because of You” or “Since U Been Gone”? Their success has already been rewarded with Grammys as well as MTV MVAs. And remember that this is just the beginning because it seems that her plans for the future promise to remain as exciting.

Also on the list of successful artists launched by American Idol is Carrie Underwood. This time we are talking about a country singer that won the fourth edition of the musical contest. For a while she stopped releasing new albums, her 2009 “Play On” being followed by a new creation in 2012 when “Blown Away” was released. Even so, Carrie Underwood has managed to earn even more money than Kelly Clarkson from the career that American Idol helped her build.

Unfortunately, there are also American Idol winners like Taylor Hicks who won the contest in 2006 and stopped producing new albums in 2009. Since then, this American Idol winner has focused his attention on another passion by opening a restaurant in Birmingham. At least he did a good job, managing to get his restaurant voted the best business of the kind available in the area. Fortunately, in 2007 Jordan Sparks managed to prove once again that American Idol winners can become successful artists. Her most famous single is “No Air”.

But American Idol is not just about the singers there, it’s also about judges. Some almost forgotten artists who have worked as judges on American Idol have gotten new wings in their careers. Let’s see how Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicky Minaj will do this season.  From the top-notch performances to hearing the judge’s harsh comments, the audience is bound to witness a good show!

2012 Pop Hits That You Need To Listen To

February 12th, 2013

best music of 2012Pop songs tend to be extremely catchy, their number being constantly increased by talented singers that manage to use music and lyrics in order to send touching messages. Here are a few of those 2012 pop hits that I find hard to refrain from listening to.

I must start by mentioning Katy Perry and her “Wide Awake” single that shows the singer has matured over the years. Proof that the song was inspired by the real life experience of the artist is the news that that the entire writing and recording process was completed in an amazing 4 days. Many say that this hit has managed to capture all the things that Katy Perry stands for. Her career has been in constant ascension ever since “Ur So Gay” and the first official single she launched in 2008: “I Kissed A Girl”.

Another pop song that I think you’ve listened to in 2012 over and over again belongs to Gotye and Kimbra and is entitled “Somebody That I Used To Know”. It took some time for this song to make it in the US pop culture, but once it got there it proved that it can impress any person willing to listen to it at least once. It’s a hard to forget song with an emotional message.

Kelly Clarkson also contributed to the list of 2012 pop hits by releasing “Stronger”. Kelly Clarkson is the former American Idol winner’s fifth studio album and is released under RCA records. It was released on October 2011 and features thirteen tracks which showcased a mix of genres that Clarkson performed with as little auto tune as possible, emulating styles done when performing on live sets. Two songs have currently been released from the album, “Mr. Know It All” and the chart topping hit “What Doesn’t Kill You”. the album contains mostly pop rock and dance-pop genres with a little mix of R & B and country, paying homage to Kelly Clarkson’s roots. Clarkson said that she drew inspiration in recording the album from artists such as Prince, Radiohead, and Sheryl Crow, among others. With such an eclectic mix of tunes, her album is perfect for just about any occasion - a dance party, football tailgate, or energetic workout.   See a more raw and mature Kelly Clarkson with “Stronger”. The album is available for purchase in iTunes as well as in most record stores all over the world. Out of all the songs there, I love “What Doesn’t Kill You” the best.

Greatest American Pop Singers Of All Time

February 5th, 2013

Pop music musiciansPop music has been around for decades continuing to be one of the music genres that are extremely popular in the US. That popularity was definitely ensured by some extremely talented pop singers that over the years have left behind numerous pop hits we still find ourselves listening to on a daily basis.

Such an example is Michael Jackson who belongs on any list of pop artists. His hard work and talent helped him break record after record and enjoy worldwide fame and success. Most of the pop songs he launched continue to be hits that every pop music fan/artist still looks up to. Of course, the fact that there has always been a lot of media attention around him all his life is also worth to mention. Starting with his not-so-good childhood, legal problems concerning young boys, the way he got his three children and even how he died – it has all been a mystery, contributing to the sale of his albums.

The same type of long and fruitful career also defines the work of Madonna in the pop music industry. In more than 30 years of activity Madonna has managed to approach a variety of pop styles and continue amazing even in her ‘50s when she took on the challenge of organizing a world tour dedicated to pop music.

The next entry on the list belongs to Beyonce Knowles who continues building her career as we speak. Her pop singer capabilities started being revealed back when she used to be a Destiny’s Child member and contribute to the success of well-known hits like “Independent Women”. Nowadays, Beyonce enjoys all the perks of a solo career and is known for hits like “Single Ladies” which are famous all around the world. Joining her in the category of talented American pop singers that are actively contributing to the genre’s development is Justin Timberlake. Just like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake started his career as part of the world-renowned ‘N Sync group and continues pursuing his musical ambitions with a solo career that has given us the chance to enjoy hits like “What Goes Around”. There’s no doubt that these two pop singers still have a lot to bring to the world of pop music.

There are also those who have been away from the spotlight for a while. Take Cher for example. Her hits have been popular among the people of United States for decades. Our parents and even grandmothers have enjoyed her songs. This year she is planning to come out with a new album, something that she hasn’t done for over 10 years. Another star who has been making headlines, but more about her personal life than her singing career is Britney Spears. Her relationships and other personal problems have put her music in second position, but there is no question about the fact that she has left her mark on the pop music scene. In the last few years she has released some new singles, although not as popular as the ones 10 years ago, she still keeps showing us that she is an amazing singer and has a great voice.

2013 Grammy Nominees

January 28th, 2013

grammy awardsEvery year, the work of people who have dedicated their lives to the music industry is rewarded with Grammy Awards, it’s the Oscars of musicians. The history of these awards dates back to 1959. Since, then, every single year, artists put on their best clothes and become part of a spectacular show that ends up revealing the best annual performance in a variety of fields of the music industry.  At home, we get to watch all the festivities – from the red carpet arrivals to behind the scenes pictures while the stars are dining out.

This year the event will take place on February 10th and will be hosted by the Staples Center which is located in Los Angeles. The nominees have already been announced, so I am sure that the artists who have seen their names on the list are already excited. For instance, when it comes to the pop genre the list of nominees includes quite a few impressive names. There are 4 Grammy Awards waiting to be won by talented pop singers. One of them will be won by the best pop vocal album. In this category are competing Kelly Clarkson and her “Stronger” album, “Some Nights” by Fun, the “Overexposed” album of Maroon 5, Pink and her newest “The Truth About Love” album and “Ceremonials” by Florence & the Machine. The competition is as fierce when it comes to the best pop instrumental album. In this case you will discover among the nominees “Rumbadoodle” by Arun Shenoy and “Impressions” by Chris Botti.

The other two categories are dedicated to the best pop solo performance and the best pop duo/group performance, respectively. The solo artists trying to get their hands on a pop Grammy Award this year are Adele and her “Set Fire To The Rain” song, Kelly Clarkson and “Stronger”, Rhianna thanks to “Where Have You Been”, Carly Rae Jepsen and “Call Me Maybe” and, last but not least Kate Perry with “Wide Awake”. In the other category you will discover names like Maroon 5 & Wiz Khalifa and Gotye Featuring Kimbra.

In a few weeks winners will be announced and we can all watch the spectacular event on TV. Hopefully the best will win. An award like this is surely inspirational for musicians and will give them more power next year.

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